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Ethnic, Religious and Cultural Communication in Health– Working with Migrants and Interpreters

Understand Me and Speak To Me are two mobile APPS developed by the Communicate Your Health Partnership. This partnership comprises the HSE National Social Inclusion Office and the Interpreters in Palliative Care “OnSpeaking Terms – Matters of Life and Death” development project (funded by the Irish Hospice Foundation).


Understand Me mobile App has been developed to assist health care professionals caring for people from diverse ethnic, religious and cultural groups who may also have Limited English proficiency.


The App provides guidelines for healthcare professionals working with interpreters. It is based on the HSE National Social Inclusion Office resource “On Speaking Terms: Good practice guidelines for HSE staff in the provision of interpreter services”


Speak To Me mobile App has been developed to assist community interpreters working in palliative care contexts. It was developed with the assistance of the Irish Translators and Interpreters Association (ITIA) and Translator and Interpreter service providers.


The App features the ITIA Code of Ethics for Healthcare Interpreters; good practice guidelines and a guide to self-care strategies for working in stressful interpreting contexts.

The App also features information about core aspects of Palliative Care with links to an information video about palliative care featured in the Irish Association of Palliative Care (IAPC) website.


For further information on these resources, please contact:


Diane Nurse, National Lead: HSE Social Inclusion

Dr Regina McQuillan, Palliative Medicine Consultant, Beaumont Hospital and St Francis Hospice.


To download:


These APPS are available to download free from the App Store


Understand me                    Speak to me












and the Google Play (Android devices)


   Understand me                     Speak to me 



















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