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Reflections on volunteering in Calais

By Dr Rosanna O Keeffe (GP trainee, North Dublin City GP Trainee) with Ellen O' Keeffe (4th year Sociology, TCD)

This inspirational presentation left GP trainees and tutors with little to say but with the feeling that they like the young doctor should ‘do’ something. As a result an advocacy strategy is being devised within the Scheme. Dr O’Keefe’s inability to do nothing meant that she found herself in Calais providing basic first aid and care to hundreds of people living in appalling conditions in Calais refugee camp. The late Dr Aidan Halligan another great speaker once said “you won’t remember what I said but you’ll remember how I made you feel”. This transcript of Dr O Keeffe's reflections on her experience is so that we also remember what she said.


(PHE staff writer: 17.06.16)

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