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A great Day raising funds for a new Mobile Health Clinic

On Saturday May 7th 2016 on South King Street in Dublin – Safetynet and Dublin Simon joined forces for the 1st ever Cyclathon Event to raise funds for a new Mobile Health Clinic.


There were 10 stationary bikes, over 120 cyclists many of whom were GP’s and lots of bucket collectors all who volunteered their time to help increase awareness of the service and raise funds. The goal was to cycle the same distance the Mobile Health Clinic covers annually 3400km.


Over €30,000 was raised throughout the campaign - a significant amount that will make a huge contribution towards the purchase of a new Mobile Health Unit.


Safetynet is a charity providing healthcare for marginalized groups including people who are homeless and migrants without means to access health care. Dublin Simon Community work with people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. It provides many services which aim to help those who are sleeping rough on the streets, people who are in their own accommodation but at risk of homelessness and those who are at any of the stages in between.


In 2009, Safetynet and Dublin Simon joined with the Chrysalis Community Drug Project and the Order of Malta, to provide the Mobile Health Unit. The service has been shown to reach a cohort of people experiencing homelessness who otherwise would not access a GP due to a multiple of social barriers and administrative barriers including not having a medical card. Without this vital service one in five of these people would have attended an Emergency Department and two out of five would not have received treatment. Almost 4000 people have attended the service since it started seven years ago.


Furthermore, the experience of serving this population group positively influences GP Registrars' attitudes, increasing their likelihood of working with marginalised populations in the future.


Any contributions will be valued and will ensure Safetynet and Dublin Simon Community can continue providing this life saving service to people who need it most.


If you need any further information on how to donate please contact Jean Twohig at or John Sansome at


(contributed by Jean Twohig Safetynet Primary Care Coordinator: Uploaded 27.06.16)

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