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Drug-related deaths in Ireland

The HRB recently published a research report on Drug-related deaths in Ireland, 2004-2013 and highlights in the Drugnet winter issue


The latest figures from the National Drug-Related Deaths Index (NDRDI) show that a total of 679 deaths in Ireland during 2013 were linked to drug use. Alcohol was implicated in 1 in 3 of. Heroin related deaths increased for the first time since 2009. Polydrug use was implicated in two thirds of the deaths and methadone in a quarter.  Two fifths of poisonings in 2013 involved benzodiazepines.


Over two fifths of those who died of drug poisoning also had a history of mental health problems. Shockingly deaths owing to hanging continue to be the main cause of non-poisoning deaths, accounting for a quarter of all non-poisoning deaths among drug users.


Aodhán O’Riordan, Outgoing Minister of State for Drugs expressed concern at the rising figures.


(Summary by PHE- March 2016)

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