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Ethnicity Data Collection in Health Systems in Ireland: How can we improve the collection and use of data?

In line with international and national drivers for equality monitoring in healthcare, the implementation of an ethnic identifier throughout the HSE, including in primary care, is a priority action in the Health Service Executive (HSE) Second National Intercultural Health Strategy (NIHS) 2018-2023.

This participatory research project involved a quantitative study to explore where ethnicity data is currently collected and how it is being used. It involved a qualitative study to identify levers and barriers to implementing the HSE ethnic identifier in general practice settings, where most of us access care. The analysis showed that ethnicity data collection in health and social care data collections in Ireland is underdeveloped, fragmented and has too much focus on high-risk populations. While the idea of ethnicity data collection in general practice broadly makes sense to community members and GPs, there are concerns about collecting these sensitive data in busy, under-resourced general practice settings and fears that data may be mis-used. The recommendations are to develop multi-sectoral partnerships and initiatives to oversee data collection and use and to collect ethnicity and migration variables in an Individual Health Identifier record.

HRB UL research Ethnicity Data Collectio

Download the full report here

Health Status of Syrian Refugees Report

As a response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria, the Irish government has agreed to accept up to 4,000 refugees for resettlement in Ireland in the upcoming years. The report summarises the health needs of this population. The research used self-completed questionnaires with refugees who arrived to Ireland in the last year. It was carried out by the ICGP, funded by the HSE National Social Inclusion Office and supported by the Irish Department of Justice and Equality.

Download the full report here

Health Status of Syrian Refugee Research
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